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Price Considerations
Contact us for pricing on brochures. Pricing is determined by the following:
  • paper stock
  • fold
  • number of copies
Contact us
for all custom brochure quotes, alternative options or additional information.
Folding Options
half fold brochure
breaks brochure into 4 separate sections for content.
trifold brochure Tri-Fold
breaks brochure into 6 different separate sections for content. Typically used when mailing.
z fold brochure Z-Fold
breaks brochure into 6 different separate sections for content.
Related Services
malkomedia design Design Services
Basic design is included with any order, but we can also provide custom artwork or high quality photos.
QR code integration QR Code Integration
We can link your print or sign jobs to your mobile website with QR codes.
brochure illustration

Brochure Printing

  • folding options available
  • basic design included
  • discounted prices for print ready files

Brochure printing is one of the best ways to bolster business, large or small. They serve as a guide of key features and benefits to the customer. Come up with your own personal design or have our designers turn your general idea into a perfectly designed, eye-catching layout. In designing the brochure we will help determine the information you want to convey and strategically place information and photos you want to emphasize. We will also design your brochure according to the look and feel you want to convey.

Stunning full color prints come in a variety of options. Folding options include tri-fold, half-fold and z-fold and are available in multiple sizes. Gloss coating is also available for a premium quality look and feel.