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Above pricing is for estimation purposes and is subject to change. Please contact a malko media representative for firm quotes.

Light Boxes & Options
indoor light box
Indoor Light Boxes
Uses indoor translucent film inserts. Contact us for a quote. Prices start at $350
outdoor light box
Outdoor Light Boxes
Uses Acrylic or Polycarbonate Panels. Available 1 sided or 2 sided. Contact us for a quote.
changeable letter sets
Changeable Letter Sets
Durable acrylic & clear coated for scratch resistance. Available in 4", 6", 8", or 10".Contact us for a quote.
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backlit sign illustration

Backlit Signs

  • acrylic signs with translucent graphic starting at $45
  • film prints for indoor light boxes starting at $20
  • changeable letters available

We create backlit signs for indoor and outdoor use for eye catching advertising and stunning displays in a large variety of sizes. Our outdoor backlit signs are made of acrylic or lexan. We use bright and colorful film with high luminosity and rich color display for all prints. We also offer acrylic overlays for a bright glossy appearance that will not fade or yellow. A variety of light box options are also available for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor Backlit Sign Panel

clear acrylicAcrylic
Our cast acrylic sheet has high optical clarity which makes for excellent light transmission. Acrylic has long term outdoor durability with superior impact & weather resistance. Translucent graphics can be mounted on backside for high gloss look.

lexanPolycarbonate (Lexan)
UV-resistant solar grade polycarbonate sheet for signs offers excellent aesthetics and high impact strength with a 5 year limited warranty against breakage. Lexan is higher strength and less weight than acrylic, but does not offer the same clarity and yellowing resistance.

Indoor Translucent Film

matte backlit filmMatte Backlit Film
Our matte film is a premium weight, 8 mil, polyester backlit film designed for indoor and outdoor durable displays. The film features water resistance, scratch resistance and fade resistance without sacrificing print quality. The coating is super absorbent which translates to solid blacks and rich colors when illuminated.

Size Considerations

Size is one of the most important decisions to make regarding signs. It is a major factor in the price and is also crucial for proper visibilty. Below is a chart showing minimum recommended letter height from certain viewing distances.

viewing distance Letter Height
100' 4"
250' 10"
360' (city block) 16"
500' 22"
750' 33"
1000' 43"
1320' (1/4 mile) 57"