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Price Considerations
All dimensional lettering requires a custom quote. Pricing is determined by the following:
  • number of letters
  • letter height
  • letter material & thickness
  • installation method
  • installation height from ground
We offer free site surveys to help answer these questions based on your particular needs and available space.

Contact us
for all dimensional lettering quotes, additional options or to schedule an appointment for a free site survey.
Installation Options
VHB tape
VHB tape
3M tapes are used to ensure a long term bond for interior letters. Used along with silicone when required.
pad mounted letters Pads
Provide a good surface area to apply silicone to. Pad mount not recommended on letters more than 24" tall.
stud mounted letters Studs
Requires holes to be drilled in the wall. Studs are recommended for exterior dimensional letters.
combination mounted letters Combination Mount
Great for solution for rough exetior surfaces. Pads are adjustable to modify depth from wall.
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dimensional letter illustration

Dimensional Lettering

  • extremely durable outdoor lettering
  • wide variety of finishing options for indoor lettering
  • free site survey available

Our dimensional letters come in a variety of options to fit any budget. High durability materials are used for all outdoor dimensional letters to ensure fade resistance and to provide excellent visibility for years to come. Additionally, our interior signs come in an endless variety of finishes to create a unique impression. Some examples include back-painted acrylic, brushed metal laminate, or flat cut aluminum. Give us a call with an idea of what look you want to create and we take care of the rest!

Material Options

gator foam dimensional lettersGator Foam - Indoor
Gatorfoam is a 2lb density foam with a smooth veneer face for a great lightweight dimensional look. It comes in up to 2 thick and can be painted any standard color or custom color. Contrasting faces and edges are also available.

pvc dimensional lettersPVC - Indoor
Although PVC is able to be used outdoors, it is not as durable as our other outdoor options and is better suited for indoor use. PVC is a lightweight highly rigid material available in 1/8 up to 1 thick and can be painted any standard or custom color.

dimensional letters with laminateLaminates - Indoor | Outdoor
Metal laminates come in gold or silver with either a brushed or polished finish and can be mounted to acrylic, PVC or foam. Acrylic laminates come in a variety of colors and can be mounted to PVC or foam. Clear acrylic can be backpainted for a high gloss look.

sign foam dimensional lettersSign Foam - Indoor | Outdoor
Signfoam is a 10lb high density foam. It is 100% waterproof and will not split, crack or decompose. Available in up to 2 thick and can be painted any standard color or custom color. Acrylic Laminate can be installed on sign foam face for a dynamic look.

acrylic dimensional lettersAcrylic - Indoor | Outdoor
Durable flat cut acrylic are suitable for indoor or outdoor usa and come in a variety of standard colors. Acrylic can be painted in a standard or custom color. Available is 1/8” up to 1” thick. Clear acrylic can be backpainted to create a high gloss look.

flat cut alumninum dimensional lettersFlat Cut Aluminum - Indoor | Outdoor
Flat cut aluminum letters are a highly durable outdoor material and can be brushed, polished or painted to match any color you choose. Available thicknesses include 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”.

Size Considerations

Size is one of the most important decisions to make regarding dimensional signs. It is a major factor in the price and is also crucial for proper visibilty. Below is a chart showing minimum recommended letter height from certain viewing distances.

viewing distance Letter Height
100' 4"
250' 10"
360' (city block) 16"
500' 22"
750' 33"
1000' 43"
1320' (1/4 mile) 57"