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Price Considerations
Contact us for pricing on neon signs. Pricing is determined by the following:
  • message
  • number of lines
  • color(s)
  • overall size
  • sign backing
Contact us
for all custom neon quotes, alternative options or additional information. Standard message neon signs are available for a discounted price.
Finishing & Hanging Options
black acrylic backing for neon sign
Standard Finishing
All signs come with black or clear acrylic backing, window stoppers, on/off cord and chains for hanging.
neon sign standNeon Sign Stand
Allows you to stand your sign on a counter, shelf, or table without fear that it will be knocked over and broken.
remote switch for neon sign Remote Switch
This single button unit is great for applications where it is difficult to turn your sign On and Off. Works up to 60'.
More options are available. Contact us for details and pricing.
Related Services
malko media design logo Design Services
Basic design is included with any order, but we can also provide custom artwork or high quality photos.
installation Installation Services
If you aren't exactly sure how to hang your signage there is no need to worry. We can install your order for you.
neon sign illustration

Neon Signs

  • custom hand-crafted signs
  • variety of color options
  • installation available

Imagine your company name or logo popping out from amongst your duller business neighbors. Not only will your storefront be immediately noticed, but you will begin building a visible brand that passersby will remember. A custom neon sign will last you 10 years or more and deliver more value for the dollar than the repetitive costs of TV spots, radio, newspaper or yellow page ads. Send us your own unique design or logo for a cusom sign or ask about standard message signs for a discounted price. Versatile hanging options for various environments include acrylic backing, stoppers, or drilled holes & chain.

color options
neon color options
Size Considerations

Size is one of the most important decisions to make regarding signs. It is a major factor in the price and is also crucial for proper visibilty. Below is a chart showing minimum recommended letter height from certain viewing distances.

viewing distance Letter Height
100' 4"
250' 10"
360' (city block) 16"
500' 22"
750' 33"
1000' 43"
1320' (1/4 mile) 57"