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Frame Options
black signicade
Plastic stand can be weighed down with sand. Available in white, yellow or black. Panel dimensions: 24" x 36"
white quick signQuick Sign
A high density molded polyethylene fold out sign frame w/handle. Panel dimensions: 18" x 24"
black angle iron frameLarge Folding Frame
3/4" black angle iron frame. Folds flat and has convenient handle. Panel Dimnesions: 36" x 48"
Flex Sign FrameFlex Sign Frame
Coil springs attach base to frame to withstand high winds. Panel dimensions:
24" x 36"
Changeable Letter SetChangeable Letter Set
Tracks and individual letters allow you to create custom messages. Includes 2 panels and over 300 letters.
More frame options are available. Contact us for details and pricing.
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malko media signs logo Feather Flags
Large outdoor durable feather flags are highly visible and come with multiple base options.
malko media design logo Design Services
Basic design is included with any order, but we can also provide custom artwork or high quality photos.
QR code integration QR Code Integration
We can link your print or sign jobs to your mobile website.
sidewalk sign illustration

Sidewalk Signs

  • changeable text available
  • variety of frame options
  • lamination available for increased durability

Choose the economical method to grab the attention of sidewalk and street traffic with a sidewalk sign. We provide a durable free standing frame designed to withstand wind and outdoor weather to hold your poster, promotion, logo, or other printed display. Changeable letter sets are available for a portion of the sign or full panel.

Parking & Traffic Sign Materials

coroplastCoroplast (4mm)
Corrugated plastic boards are an econonical choice for poster board signs. Coroplast is comparable in price to foam core displays and more durable, able to take frequent handling. Coroplast has visible ridges in the material itslef which may not make it suitable for high end environments.

Polystyrene is a thin plastic with a smooth face. This lightweight and resilient material is perfect for signs that require flexibility to follow contours in the display, such as curved suite sign frames. Polystyrene can be used for short-term outdoor use or long-term indoor use. It is the preferred material for sign holders requiring full color inserts.

aluminum sheetsAluminum
Our aluminum signs are finished with white baked enamel on both sides, rounded corners and drilled holes according to your hanging needs. Aluminum is a great material for outdoor use because it is lightweight, sturdy and can weather the elements without rusting. All multi-color printed aluminum signs come with a layer of gloss laminate to ensure long term durability. Thickness options include 040, 063, & 080.