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Finishing & Installation Options
wood posts
Wood Posts
Customize your signs with our ADA compliant Contracted Braille (grade 2 braille).
post cap Wood Post Cap
wood post caps protect the tops of posts while adding a distinctive look to your post and panel sign.
u-channel postsU-Channel Posts
The baked green enamel finish provides durability. 8' and tallers posts are ideal for permanent sign installation
Custom Routed Shape
Custom routed shapes can add an appealing decorative look. Contact us for shape recommendations and pricing.
More sign installation options are available. Contact us for details.
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malko media design logo Design Services
Basic design is included with any order, but we can also provide custom artwork or high quality photos.
installation Installation Services
If you aren't exactly sure how to install your signage there is no need to worry. We can install your order for you.
QR code integration QR Code Integration
We can link your print or sign jobs to your mobile website with QR codes.

Post & Panel Signs

  • great for real estate signs
  • custom routed shapes available
  • installation available

Post and panel signs are anchored in the ground to provide sturdy and permanent signage for churches, business identification, campus, hospital, and apartment directional guidance, for example. Framed and frameless options are available to suit the look you desire. All of our post & panel signs are highly durable and are customizable with full color digital printing capable of displaying detailed and life like photographs.

Board Materials

coroplastCoroplast (6mm or 10mm)
Corrugated plastic sheets are an econonical choice for post and panel signs. The 6mm or 10mm Coroplast is a big step up in rigidity and durablity from the standard 4mm corrugated plastic yard sign material. Rated for temporary outdoor use (at least 1 - 2 years), coroplast is a perfect choice for large real estate signs with custom text.

poly metalPoly Metal / DiBond (3mm or 6mm)
An aluminum composite panel of 2 pre-finished aluminum sheets over a solid black polyethylene core The satin polyester paint finish makes the board Incredibly smooth and flat. This material is lightweight but amazingly rigid. Great for indoor or long-term outdoor applications.

MDOWood / MDO (1/2")
Medium Density Overlay plywood boards are primed, sealed and rated for outdoor use. MDO is a highly durable material and offers superior moisture resistance and scratch resistance. This is a slightly heavier option and may require additional support when mounting.

PVCPVC (12mm, 19mm, 25mm)
PVC is a lightweight and durable material that offers a smooth low-gloss finish. On the thicker end of the spectrum, PVC is an acceptable material for outdoor use and can be easily routed into custom shapes. PVC is available in a variety of thicknesses depending on the overall sign size.

Post and Panel Sign Systems

PVC post & panel systemPVC Post & Panel sytems
We also offer Post & Panel sign systems for permanent outdoor signs. These signs include 1/2 inch white building grade PVC and 2 white PVC post sleeves with post caps. PVC post sleeves slide over treated wood posts. Options include size, panel shape, post cap style and optional hanging sign.
Contact us for details and pricing.

metal post & panel systemMetal Post and Panel Systems
These aluminum Post & Panel sign systems are a durable and professional solution. Sign faces are made of 080 flat aluminum. Sign panel and posts are sanded, chemically cleaned, and primed with self-etching chromate primer. Signs are finished in Dark Bronze satin acrylic polyurethane paint.
Contact us for details and pricing.